What do you do when you start to get stuck in a rut?

I was thinking last night – what I would do if I was starting to second guess my current job?

(My partner, Dave, is giving me the hairy eye right now).

It happens to everyone at some point. So what do you do with this feeling?

My advice – act on it. I am not talking about quitting your job today. I am more advising that you not bury the feeling. It will only come back and more importantly will create tension. So act on it. How do you do that?

Well, why don’t you start looking around at a few companies online and see what they are up to? Just general things like who their customers are or if they recently landed additional funding. Are they hiring people and, if so, what kind. The Big Top Job Board has over 300 local jobs across a variety of roles and businesses. We will continue to update and improve this for you as a resource.

Maybe start heading out to a few targeted networking events. When people ask, tell them you are happy in your current position and company but just getting a “lay of the land.”

You might be amazed with any outcome that comes from it:

(a) you realize your current job is just fine
(b) you now have a great idea of what else is out there and you begin to formalize your job search.

Either way you win!