How can a person get through the online application process? Learn more here

I can’t tell you how many people share with me their frustration at not being able to break through the online application – the whole submit resume – never hear anything ever again cycle.

Let’s put you in the hiring team’s chair for a second. Today they might receive hundreds of applications per day and they have a team of two recruiters. So they use one of the recruiting tools today that scans resumes and identifies keywords that they feel are important to the specific role they are recruiting. The tool basically does the first screen.

It’s not perfect but it enables them to create a little process and hopefully focus on the subset of applicants for a phone or face-2-face interview.

Your job is to game the system.

Yes, I said it.

When you submit your application, don’t give them your generic, one-size-fits-all resume. Tailor the application and your resume to the skills and experiences that will get you noticed. Take the time to optimize your chances.

Then figure out a way to network in to get your face-2-face.